<![CDATA[TEAM EPS/M3 P/B BRIELLE CYCLERY - Team News]]>Thu, 26 Apr 2018 03:31:20 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Lower Providence Criterium]]>Tue, 24 Apr 2018 10:59:19 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/lower-providence-criterium1682570Race Name: Daniel Harwi Memorial 31st Annual Lower Providence Spring Classic Criterium
Race Date: 4/22/2018
Location: Lower Providence, PA
Rider(s): W4/5 Erin Healy, McKensie Walker 
Race report written by McKensie Walker (W4/5 race)
It was a beautiful day to race bikes! Lower Providence is a simple, flat, fast 4 corner crit in an industrial park. The women's 4/5 race was the last of the day so Erin and I were able to relax for a bit and watch the W1/2/3s. We were very lucky to have our 1/2/3 ladies give us some pointers and support before our race went off. 
When the whistle was blown we clipped in and took off to try and set the pace. The field was full of strong women and there were a few attacks throughout the race that drove the pace. The field stayed together which made positioning in the final lap difficult, but we both crossed the finish line with top 10 finishes!

Race Results:  McKensie Walker 7th, Erin Healy 9th
Race report written by Deborah Leedale-Brown Women 1/2/3:
The great weather certainly brought all the racers out on Sunday with both women's races having over 30 racers.  The women's 1/2/3 was a heavily stacked field and with some full squad teams entered, it was unfortunate for us that we lost two of our riders and so were a little depleted for any major team tactics to take place. The  race course is a wide four corner Crit and lends itself to keeping good speed throughout the whole course.  With the riders we had, it was our intent to keep good positions close to the front, to watch and react to breakaways, and to be vigilant for the attacks we knew would come from the teams with depth. As predicted it was constant attacks and a number of breakaways got away for a lap or two but since they usually only had 2 riders in them, they did not stick.  In fact due to my own nerves as this was my first race back since last seasons heavy crash I found myself at the front a lot and pulling back a number of breakaways.  It ended up then being a sprint finish and a lot of jostling for position before entering the final corner.  I found myself not as far up as in previous years but still in a decent position once around the corner to open up my sprint.  Our team all finished strong and we made some impact within the race driving pace and closing down attacks.  We chatted afterwards about what we need to look at doing for future races and as a new team of riders, its early in the season and we are still getting to know each others strengths and weaknesses.  All in all a great day representing our team, warm sunshine and some silly tan lines!
This would not be possible without our amazing sponsors (Brielle Cyclery, EPS Corporation (and the Moose), M3 (Goat), John B. Wright Insurance, Miles ahead Sports, Ocean Gate Yacht Basin, Main Street Foot and Ankle, Dr Dana Fallon Studio for Cosmetic Dentistry, Sarah Iespon (Dr Pork Chop), Oakley, HSHIVE, Asend Nutrition, Trek and Bontrager)  who support our crazy passion, and not forgetting our husbands and kids.  Without their support, doing this each weekend wouldn’t be possible. 
Cat 1/2/3 Women:
Deborah Leedale-Brown 9th
Shaina Kravitz 20th
Taylor Tommasino 21st
Andy Maher 23rd

<![CDATA[Trek Spring XC Classic @ Fair Hill]]>Sun, 22 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/trek-spring-xc-classic-fair-hill
Event: Trek Spring XC Classic @ Fair Hill
Type: Cross Country Mountain Bike
Date: April 22nd
Location: Elkton, MD
Riders: Teresa DiSessa-Johnson, Serena DeFelice
This past weekend I participated in first Cross Country Mountain Bike race in Fair Hill, MD. I chose to do the Cat. 2 race which happened to have a stacked field of 16 riders.  As I was venturing into the somewhat unknown I was giving myself a lot of anxiety leading up to the race, so much so that I almost talked myself out of going.  What made this race especially hard was knowing I would be making the 2-hour trek to the race alone as my wonderful husband was unable to come with me. The alone time in the car would give my mind ample time to play evil games with me during.  My very speedy teammate Serena was racing as well, but her race was at 9 am since she upgraded to the Cat 1/pro category, this caused her to drive down earlier in the weekend. 

In typical fashion, I had everything packed and ready to go the night before so race morning was uneventful besides the normal breakfast, prepared by my handsome and amazingly good chef of a husband. Jeff also did one last bike check to make sure it was ready to go for the day.  He reminded me that Matt (Serena’s husband) had to make a minor fix to my front brake, but reassured me it wasn’t a big deal. The day was set to be a gorgeous, warm and sunny, FINALLY!!  During the drive down, I tried not to think about the race and distracted myself with music, talking to my husband and Serena. As soon as I got there I parked my car and spotted Matt just a few cars away.  I ran over my bike for him to do his magic, which was completed by the time I returned from using the restrooms. I then headed to registration where I got to reconnect with my favourite Trek Advocates/Trek Employees Stacey, Jessica, and Chale! It was awesome to see some other familiar faces there too.

Matt and I warmed up a little and watched Serena pass by on her first and second laps. She was sitting solid in 4th place, looking as strong as ever.  I was bummed I wouldn't get to see her finish but they were staging the Cat 2 heats at that time, it was my turn.  200+ riders lined up in their respective groups, many of which were very experienced mountain bike racers which spiked my nervousness.  Jessica, the race promoter, eased my nerves by keeping the pre-race briefing fun and energetic. It felt like an eternity waiting for my group of women to go, I was very happy to hear the timer go off.  I had a great start coming up the hill in first but had two girls slide in front of me on the downhill that lead into the single track. I was okay with that since they knew the trails and it would provide me with a good line to follow but just as we were entering the single track I was cut off and got pushed back to 5th.  I thought I would be okay but I was stuck with the rider in front as she was not allowing me to pass which caused me to lose sight of the top 3. As this was my first race, I didn’t want to be too aggressive so I waited for a good moment to pass where human to human contact could be avoided. Unfortunately during my passing attempt there was human to tree contact so I had to settle in and make a pass when the trails fully opened up.  Finally, the rider in front of me made an error which allowed me to pass, putting me into fourth place.  I caught some of the other Cat 2 riders in another age category who started their race 2 minutes ahead. As I passed Chale she gave me words of encouragement and even showed me how to pass and sent me on my way.  As I continued on into Lap 2 I convinced myself that the top 3 were gone so I took the safe route and just cruised steady, and safe, with the goal to just finish in fourth which I eventually did.  I was happy to see the finish line but disappointed I didn’t place top 3. I learned many lessons from my race. I need to push 100% no matter what as you could have caught and maybe even passed third. I need to be more aggressive at the start of the race and I need to get quicker at removing sticks from my derailleur ;) 

 I was excited to reconnect with Serena after I was done. We talked about how our races went and realized that we both had issues with passing. She also had to fix a dropped chain twice. Serena eventually ended up finishing fourth as well, completing the pair of fourth place finishes for the team. We even came home with some sunburn. Who would have thought that would ever happen? :D I am truly thankful for all the sponsors (Brielle Cyclery, EPS Corporation (and the Moose), M3 (Goat), John B. Wright Insurance, Miles ahead Sports, Ocean Gate Yacht Basin, Main Street Foot and Ankle, Dr Dana Fallon Studio for Cosmetic Dentistry, Sarah Iespon (Dr Pork Chop), Oakley, HSHIVE, Asend Nutrition, Trek and Bontrager)  who support our crazy passion and our husbands.  Without them, doing this each weekend wouldn’t be possible. 
Cat 1/Pro Women:
Serena DeFelice - 4th
Cat 2 Women:
Teresa DiSessa - 4th
<![CDATA[Shenandoah Epic 24 hour adventure race]]>Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:06:40 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/shenandoah-epic-24-hour-adventure-racePicture
Race: Shenandoah Epic 24 hour adventure race
Date: April 14, 2018
Location: Shenandoah, VA
Racers: Jessica Kutz

​Race report given by Jessica Kutz:

There’s a first time for everything. I have been doing a lot more running as work has been busy and it is easy to take my dogs with me. So my schedule this year is less biking specific and mixes in adventure races, trail running races, off road duathlons and mountain bike races. All the early mountain bike races had been cancelled due to weather so my first race of the year was a 26 hour adventure race (talk about easing into it!) For those who don’t know, adventure racing is typically a mix of mountain biking, trail running/ bushwhacking and paddling. All of these activities are completed while also trying to navigate to specific check points with a compass and map; lucky for me Michael does all our navigating...I’m still working on that life skill. I race on a 3-person co-ed team with friends Michael and Barry, who are both experienced racers.
Conveniently this race was in my back yard, just 30 minutes south of where I live in Virginia. Usually I am slow on foot, but I had been doing a lot of running this year so I was excited to see how I would hold up in this race. We started off with a 10-mile paddle, the water was low but we got soaked in the process…which was fine, because the paddle was followed by a quick trekking section and then a swim across the river (which felt divine on the first VERY hot day of the year). Next, we did a quick mountain bike section to a longer foot section. Michael’s navigation was on point while Barry and I debated if it would be acceptable to drink stream water. The streams by the cows, NO; but the steams in the mountain, YES…it was the most refreshing water I’ve ever tasted.

Next up was a long and strenuous foot section as the sun was setting. Little did we know we’d be spending a lot of time in those woods on this section, longer than expected. Barry and Michael have sweet 1,000 lumens head lamps and I rocked my new 500 lumens head lamp, which looked dim compared to their lights. Low and behold within minutes of each other both of those bright lights went out late in the evening and as a team we were left with just my light and one weak back up light. Go figure, Michael navigated us right to a check point with no light at all…I guess 33 years in the coast guard will make you pretty flawless with a map and compass (with or without a light!).
Next came my demise, I could feel a blister coming on as we were sliding down and trekking up mountains off trail. I figured I could handle a blister, no biggie. I wore the same shoes for a 15-hour race and my feet held up great. Well, at hour 16 my feet decided to disown me. As we trekked to the top of a mountain to traverse a ridge my feet had had enough. Each step hurt, made worse by the fact that I was gingerly trying to balance on rocks and roots while also trying not to roll down the side of the mountain…I’m not known for being graceful! I went to a pretty dark place trying to get across that ridge. Poor Barry and Michael were very kind as I limped along, painfully slow. This section seemed to last the longest for me (though it wasn’t in overall time), it is most of what I remember from this race. I trudged along while Michael navigated and Barry occasionally checked in with me to make sure I hadn’t quit to take a nap in the leaves. When I felt like we were getting close I changed my mindset to “I just need to be on the bike…my happy place.” We eventually made it back to the transition area, the roughest part of the race was over…I built some adventure racing character, and I was ready to pedal the race to the end.
The final segment on the mountain bike was on trails I regularly ride, so Michael humored me and let me pick our route. We opted to toss 2 check points, which were going to be a pain to gather and instead had a pretty fun jaunt on the trails catching the last check points. I felt like I went from 0 to 60 with energy. Riding didn’t hurt my feet as much and I was happy to be pedaling. We made it back to the finish after 25.5 hours. We finished 5th in our division and 8th in the whole race. Not too shabby with an international field. I think Michael and Barry were worried they had scared me away from adventure racing, but actual I’m more hooked. I learned from some more seasoned women over beer after the race about some tricks for foot care in a long race and I’m ready to give it a go again! I’m also happy to report that my feet which were covered in blisters are healing nicely!

Jess rocking the mountain bike section of her adventure race...notice shes representing with her EPS bikes shorts!!
<![CDATA[Allamuchy Time Trial]]>Sat, 14 Apr 2018 17:46:49 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/allamuchy-time-trial6471296Picture

Event: Allamuchy TT 
Date: April 14th
Location: Allamuchy Township, NJ
Riders: Teresa DiSessa-Johnson, Danielle Ferland, McKensie Walker, Diane Elmore, Erin Healy, Andy Maher

Race report as told by Andy Maher:

It was a beautiful morning for the third race in the 2018 NJBA Time Trial cup series. This 8 mile, mostly flat course rolls through the rural country roads of Green Township and is one of my favorite.

The team warmed up on trainers and rollers before heading over to the start line a few miles away on Long Bridge road. 
First up in the Open Women Non TT category was team owner Teresa. Teresa has not raced in a couple of years so it was exciting to see her out there again doing what she loves. She had a fantastic ride on her new Trek Madone and ended up with a PR.

Diane was next up for the Cat 4/5 women followed by Erin, Danielle and McKensie. This was the first time trial for new team mates Erin and McKensie and they both had a great race. I was last to go in the Senior Women category and in the company of some very speedy ladies! I got off to a good start and had a solid ride. It wasn't my fastest time on this course but I felt good and had fun. Overall a great day and happy to see Teresa on the podium!
Teresa Disessa 2nd Open Women Non TT
Andy Maher 6th- Senior Women
Danielle Ferland 4th- Cat 4/5
McKensie Walker 6th- Cat 4/5
Diane Elmore 9th- Cat 4/5
Erin Healy 11th- Cat 4/5
<![CDATA[Gravel Grape Crusher]]>Tue, 10 Apr 2018 21:21:58 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/gravel-grape-crusher7346547Picture
Race: Gravel Grape Crusher
Date: Sunday June 8th
Location: Landenberg, VA
Riders: Katrine Waterman, Teresa DiSessa-Johnson and Serena DeFelice

Race report written by Serena: 
Sunday morning Katrine, Teresa, and I set out to ride through PA, DE, and MD in the Gravel Grape Crusher on our mountain bikes.  It was a chilly, breezy start to the day as we still wait on spring to arrive.  Despite the cold weather we layered and bundled up a bit to get through our ride in a more comfortable state...ideally not frozen. 

At the start I failed to check my pack, and my water hose was disconnected and we needed to stop and fix that situation as water is kind of important (rookie mistake, my apologies). We traveled through gravel, roads, and dirt throughout the day- a nice mixture of all. It was a learning experience of sorts finding a comfortable pace for us all to hang that kept us in a good place physically and mentally. We are all different riders with different strengths but with a positive attitude and encouragement we came together and communication was key for completing it. We dipped into a few different parks and it was fun to cruise around on the trails especially since we haven’t had the most time riding outside recently (cold weather= frozen rider, trainer/treadmill= warmth/happy rider) but it was a beautiful thing today. We complimented each other, taking turns in a rotation of sorts for where we were in our little pack riding. Around each corner there seemed to be climbing and more climbing, which turned into a joke of sorts that kept us moving and laughing (laughing is good when your legs are burning), surprise more climbing. We completed the 100k ride in under 5 hours with over 5000 feet of climbing. Climbing is fun, just keep telling yourself, and maybe you start to believe it.  At the end of the day we had some laughs, and reflected a bit, while getting a chance to refuel! Looking forward to the next adventure!!
<![CDATA[Cape may TT]]>Mon, 09 Apr 2018 13:38:36 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/cape-may-tt5906180Picture
Event: Steve Reed Memorial Time Trial (Formerly known as Cape May Time Trial)
Date: April 8, 2018
Location: Cape May, NJ
Riders: Amanda Rinderer, Taylor Armstrong (Senior Women); Diane Elmore (Cat 4/5 women)

Race Report written by Diane Elmore:
​Steve Reed Memorial Time Trial is a 7.5 mile out and back flat as a pancake course located right outside of the Cape May Zoo. This race was very cold and windy! Probably the coldest time trial I have done starting the day out at 29 degrees!
Amanda, Taylor and I found each other first thing, and Amanda and I warmed up on the trainers, while Taylor rode to warm up. 

At the start, going out there was a strong headwind to fight, stay small in, and bring a higher cadence going for energy to hammer on the way back.  At the turnaround, there was a tailwind, but it didn’t feel as strong as the headwind going out did!
Great day for our team with Amanda taking 2nd and Taylor taking 3rd on the podium for Senior Women, and Diane taking 4th in Cat 4/5 women.
Cat – Senior Women
Amanda – 2nd place
Taylor – 3rd place
Cat – Cat 4 women
Diane – 4th place
<![CDATA[Cherry Blossom Challenge]]>Mon, 09 Apr 2018 08:31:05 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/cherry-blossom-challenge4738809
Event: Cherry Blossom Bike Race - W1/2/3
Date: April 7th
Location: Newark, NJ
Riders: Amanda Rinderer, Andy Maher, Katrine Waterman, Taylor Armstrong (Women 1/2/3); Daneille Ferland, McKensie Walker, Erin Healy (Women Cat 4/5)

Race Report written by Taylor Armstrong about the Womens 1/2/3 race:
​Cherry Blossom is a 2.2 mile circuit loop through Branch Brook Park in Newark. This was our first big race as a team and we were looking forward to testing out our legs after a long winter of training and seeing how our team bonding attributed to our teamwork. Our race was early, cold, and windy! All of us (including McKenzie, Erin and Danielle who were racing the 4/5) warmed up together in another section of the park, and then it was go time! 
Our Cat 4/5 ladies ready to rip it up!! Photo credit to John Sedlak
There was a super strong Cat 1 sprinter signed up, so our strategy was to get Amanda into a breakaway for our best chance of winning. Another strong Cat 1 signed up shorty before the race started, so we knew we had our work cut out for us! Andy got the pace going strong the 1st lap, then Amanda, Katrine and I took turns attacking. Amanda’s second attack stuck and she was in a solo breakaway, with one of the Cat 1 riders ahead of her. 
The rest of us made sure to steady the pace, and chase down anyone who tried to bridge to Amanda. Everyone worked their butts off and Amanda held her break for a second place finish! Back in the pack finish, I tried to get Katrine on my wheel and push it as much as I could to the line. Katrine came around and rocked her sprint for a 5th place finish, with me coming in 9th and Andy in 10th. Team owners Teresa and Jeff were cheering us on the whole way :) 
Overall we were SO happy with how well we worked as a team and cannot wait to race every weekend with these ladies!! We couldn’t do any of it without the selflessness of Teresa and Jeff and all of our sponsors. Thank you so much!!

Cat 1/2/3: 
Amanda - 2nd
Katrine - 5th
Taylor - 9th
Andy - 10th
Race Report written by Erin Healy about the Womens 4/5 race:
WOW! What an awesome first race experience! The day started off with a very early wake-up and a very informative car ride as Teresa, Jeff, and Taylor discussed strategies and things I should expect during the race. It was a pretty chilly morning but a warm-up led by Andy got us all warmed up and ready to go! I definitely had a case of the pre-race nerves but thankfully those disappeared as soon as the whistle was blown! Thanks to awesome teammates and team owners at the race (Teresa, Jeff, McKensie, Danielle, Taylor, Andy, Amanda, and Katrine) who all gave me tips, advice, and overall reassurance that I will be fine.
When the whistle went off, it was go time. I was relieved to clip-in seamlessly (something I was quite worried about) and off we went! Keeping in mind all the tips I learned through the past couple months and leading up to race morning, I started taking everything in. It was so interesting to observe the tactics and strategies of the cyclists in the group. At certain points during the 7 lap, 14 mile race, the group accelerated to speeds over 25mph and occasionally dropped down to about 15mph or so. McKensie and Danielle and a few other cyclists in the group each tried to make breakaways but nothing seemed to stick and the race came down to a sprint. This was a pretty exciting moment as everyone in the 14 rider group gave it their all to get over that finish line. McKensie powered across the line in an amazing 2nd place finish, I was able to cross the line in 5th, and Danielle made a super impressive comeback 9th place finish. Overall, I could not ask for a better first race experience and I am beyond thankful to be surrounded by such kind and supportive people in this new sport for me!
Results Womens 4/5
McKensie Walker-2nd
Erin Healy- 5th
Danielle Ferland-9th
<![CDATA[Red Rock Rampage]]>Thu, 05 Apr 2018 21:45:12 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/red-rock-rampagePicture
​Red Rock Rampage
St. George, UT, March 24, 2018
Type: Mountain Bike- XC
Category: Women’s Expert
Result: 5/7

The first race of the 2018 Intermountain Cup Racing Series snuck up quickly in between the early spring snowflakes and my long winter work hours, but it did not disappoint. The weather in St. George was a perfect 70F under partially cloudy skies. After a super early morning start and a beautiful 4 hour drive to southern Utah, complete with pink and purple sun rising over the mountains, I arrived at what looked like a veritable party on the edge of the desert. I parked with the others amidst the desert scrub, eager to get this first race of the season started.  

I was both anxious and super excited going into this race. Mountain bike racing brought me into the sport of cycling 20 years ago but I hadn’t raced a mountain bike in over 15 years. Just as I was about to hang up my road racing shoes, Teresa convinced me to hop back into mountain bike racing. I did one race last summer as a sport rider and walked away with the top podium spot. I had so much fun that day that I decided to come back to mountain bike racing full time, this year in the expert category. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and my training hours suffered this winter. Coming into race day I knew that I was not as fit as I had wanted to be and would be up against girls who lived in warmer climates that enabled them to ride outside all winter long, but I was still psyched to go tear it up in the desert with a fast group of ladies. 

The race started with a nice long section of rolling double track. I started well and quickly found myself on the front of our tiny group of 7 starters, setting the pace just like I have done hundreds of times before on the road. I could hear lots of heavy breathing next to and behind me. So I cranked up the pace. Suddenly there were only 3 of us together and no one else in sight. We hit the single track and continued to battle it out through the technical sections that took us up slick rock steps and slabs, cut into deep gullies in the hillside. We continued to climb, winding up sandy single track that switched back and popped up onto open ridge tops. I felt great, until suddenly I didn’t. At about 30 minutes into the race my body decided that it wasn’t quite fit enough yet for this race pace that had been so natural in seasons past. I watched my hoped-for podium spot fade to second, third, and finally fourth as my legs turned to lead and the others riders easily caught back up and pedaled on by me. I pushed on, completing the race, with my pre-race expectation changed from “podium day” to “training day”. Despite a disappointing result, the course, scenery, and other racers made for a killer training day on the bike that I would repeat 100 times over if I could. 

With 6 more races left in the I-Cup Series this summer, I plan to find that top step before the season is done!

<![CDATA[Sandy Hook TT]]>Sun, 01 Apr 2018 16:58:48 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/sandy-hook-ttPicture
Event: Sandy Hook TT
Date: March 31st
Location: Sandy Hook, NJ
Riders: Amanda Rinderer and Diane Elmore

The Sandy Hook Time Trial truly is the prologue to bike racing in NJ. Many of us look forward to this event to shake out our nerves and prime our legs to get ready to race the rest of the season. The course is simple. It is a 7 mile out and back on a flat stretch of road. It’s typically chilly and windy and race day was no different. It was 40 degrees, sunny with clear skies. The racers faced a mild headwind on the way out and a mild tailwind on the way back to the finish line. My teammate Diane Elmore and I found each other in the morning and warmed up on our trainers together. 

We greeted many familiar and friendly faces, spun our legs out, and got ready to race. I was racing in the Women’s Open TT and Diane in the Women’s Cat 4/5 TT. Time trialing is my strength and I was hoping for a PR on this course. I did not get that PR but I rode well and ended up with the fastest female time of the day by almost a minute! I kept my head down and tried to stay small and aero while pacing my legs and lungs for a strong finish. A riders legs always hurt during a time trial since it’s an all out effort but today my lungs were screaming as well because of the cold air. All in all, a great day to get back at it. 
Diane had an impressive 5th place finish despite numerous setbacks during the past year. Her determination and grit is a rare and precious gift. I also would like to give a shout out to the handful of women who showed up today to race their very first time trial. With no fancy bikes needed, there were some brand new faces in the Non-Aero division. They all did so well! Kudos to you! More women, more bikes, more often!
<![CDATA[2018 Annual Team Bootcamp]]>Wed, 28 Mar 2018 18:22:31 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/2018-annual-team-bootcamp
Event: 14th Annual Team Boot Camp
Date: March 24 - 25, 2018
Location: Jackson, NJ
Riders: Teresa DiSessa, Jeffrey Johnson, Taylor Armstrong, Beth Bonilla, Diane Elmore, Danielle Ferland, Erin Healy, Shaina Kravitz, Andy Maher, Mackenzie Walker, Katrine Waterman 

March came in like a lion, and out like, well, a lion.  But the team was still ready to roar for our annual boot camp weekend.  A raging midweek nor'easter that dumped almost a foot of snow had us swapping a long, hilly ride in Philly to a weekend of trainers at drills at team owners Teresa and Jeff's house.  The last minute change of plans and uncooperative weather didn't stop us from a fun, productive team weekend.  

We were greeted with gift bags filled with great items from our awesome sponsors upon arrival, then it was immediately time to get on bikes and down to business.  We set up on the Computrainers for team time trials efforts.  Most of us have been grinding away solo all winter, so it was great to have the extra motivation and encouragement of teammates to help push ourselves to the limits.  
After a quick rest and a delicious lunch provided by teammate Diane, we took advantage of the sunny afternoon to get outside and work on skills and race tactics.  Teresa planned an entire session were we practiced turning, drafting, performed look-back drills other techniques that tend to get rusty in the off-season.  Many thanks to Beth, who took time off the mountain bike to help out with road skills. We finished off the afternoon with race simulations and lead outs that left us excited for the races ahead.  We ended the day with race schedule chats and lots of pizza and beer!
The next morning we fueled up and watched the women of the World Tour battle it out at Gent- Wevelgem to get us pumped for one more endurance trainer workout to finish out the weekend.  After a few rounds of ten mile team time trials, we were toast and it was time to pack up.  We regrouped for some final thoughts and instructions from the weekend before heading home.  

With racing only weeks away, it was great to get together one more time for a weekend of hard efforts and many laughs to reinforce our commitment to a season of training hard and teamwork.  Thanks to Teresa and Jeff for putting it all together as we look forward to a season of learning, growing and success!