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This past week, Cheryl and I had the pretty awesome opportunity to model for Castelli during their sales meeting in NYC. Our team’s Castelli rep, Phil Penman reached out to our team owner Teresa to see if anyone on our team would be available to model for their meeting. Luckily both Cheryl and I were able to make it to the city for this incredible opportunity! Upon arriving at The Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South, Cheryl and I chatted with the two men who were modeling the men’s apparel for the sales meeting. We all went up to the floor where the meeting was hosted and after entering the room I was immediately captivated by the breathtaking views overlooking Central Park from the 46th floor! We were first introduced to Melissa on the sales team who would help and direct us on what our job would be for the day. We were offered breakfast which we ate with the 20 or so buyers from the tri-state and New England area as we gazed out to the mesmerizing view of Central Park and the surrounding city.
After breakfast, it was show time. The first line we modeled was next year’s Castelli winter line and boyyyy did those clothes feel awesome and so warm!! We did several wardrobe changes modeling the different jerseys, jackets, bibs, gloves, neck gators, beanies, and socks to the buyers who inquisitively looked over each piece and occasionally asked us questions on how each piece felt. We then modeled Castelli’s custom team line which we proudly wear as a team! Putting on these kits was a familiar feeling but this allowed us to give more knowledgeable and experienced based answers if the buyers had a question. After eating a delicious lunch and talking to some buyers and the other male models about bike racing it was time to model another line of clothing for the buyers. This time we modeled the company Sportful’s next year’s winter line. Sportful is owned by the same parent company as Castelli so that is why they were included in the sales meeting. You could definitely feel the warmth that these clothes had as soon as you put them on! After we finished up with our last wardrobe change for the Sportful line, we were free to go as the meeting continued to go on with the buyers. Cheryl and I then walked down to Grand Central Station where she caught a train luckily at the last second and I met my sister who goes to school in the city. Overall it was an incredible experience and I couldn’t be more proud to wear Castelli products!

<![CDATA[January Team Ride-Mountain bike]]>Mon, 29 Jan 2018 11:30:20 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/january-team-ride-mountain-bike
Saturday was a day of riding at Wissahickon in PA. We drove to Deborah’s house and began our adventure from there. With Deborah leading the way and her husband Damon accompanying us, we were off. Deb is super lucky to be able to just hop on her bike and be in the woods a moment later, no packing up and traveling to ride an awesome place has to be great!
We were all excited for decent temps and to sport our new kits. Once we were in the woods life was good!! It had been too long since we were out and this was a much needed day for us. Teresa, Beth, and I followed Deborah through the trails with Jeff and Damon in the back as we started out. It was great to ride Deborah’s wheel a bit as she knows the trails so well and tackles the rocks like a champ. It’s nice to have someone give you feedback of the terrain you are about to encounter and then prep mentally to do it.

After coming up a rock garden we regrouped a bit and all of a sudden Teresa saw a donkey just hanging out near the trail. We obviously had to go check it out. The owners were super nice and allowed us to get a picture with Smokey the Donkey and pet him before leaving. Fun fact—he is 13 and they can live up to 40 years.

We continued on our ride, each of us had some moments of awesomeness and that really helped drive our excitement and boost our confidence a bit. As we were cruising the trails we made a turn and to my surprise it took us onto a huge cement pipe that drops on each side and devastation/disaster if you make a silly mistake. There is a moment of telling yourself to just look straight and pedal. Once across you are like “YEA!”, it’s really not technical at all just a mind mess but still a cool check off the list of new stuff.

Since we haven’t had the best weather as of late it felt good to be outside and have fun with awesome friends. The trails were hopping with lots of people taking advantage of the beautiful day. There were families of hiker, bikers, runner, and pups…lots of people. We made our way through a nice loop and back to Deborah’s, got cleaned up and walked to The Market for a tasty lunch to cap off our day before heading back to NJ.
<![CDATA[January Team Ride – Road Team]]>Tue, 23 Jan 2018 08:10:05 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/january-team-ride-road-team
Date: January 21, 2018
Event: January Team Ride – Road Team
Location: Jackson, New Jersey

This past Sunday, the women of Riptide-Cawes kicked off 2018 in style.  With the new team kits having arrived just in time for the first team ride of the year, and being able to officially represent the team properly as well as the wonderful sponsors that keep the team going, the emphasis on team on this team ride could truly be felt.  After a quick photo session with the talented Amy Cutler, all the riders were itching to hit the road to take full advantage in the break from frigid temperatures and test out the new Castelli gear.
The ride was an organized 45-55 mile loop through Jackson New Jersey hosted by team owners Teresa and Jeff Johnson.  The team warmed up for several miles as a whole then focused strengthening team tactics for range of abilities about the halfway point.  Working in more concentrated groups allowed all of the riders gain confidence in their skills that will be crucial in races, not only as individuals, but more importantly, as teammates.  With such a strong start to the year, there is so much excitement and high hopes for the upcoming season! 

​Stay tuned later in the week for a post about our super fun photoshoot and a peek at some of the picture we took!!
<![CDATA[When the Weather is Frightful, Indoor Riding Can be Delightful!]]>Sun, 17 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/when-the-weather-is-frightful-indoor-riding-can-be-delightful
As a cycling team, it goes without saying that the women Team EPS/M3 p/b Brielle Cyclery Riptide-Cawes would much rather be riding their trusty, 2-wheeled Trek steads outside on the road, or on the trails.  But, this is the northeast, and it is December, and it snowed yesterday… so our monthly team training ride was moved inside.
11 of our 23 cyclists showed up on the morning of 17 December for a teambuilding riding session of time trialing heats on our trainers in the Johnson’s pain-cave basement.  We started off with a weigh-in and then each rider completed a 3-mile, individual time trial so that team co-owner, Teresa, could accurately assess our current fitness and match the riders based on abilities for the following heats—Riptide-Cawes women are serious about improving for the 2018 season!  Once we were divided into 4-women teams, each group completed a hilly and very painful (in a good way-ha!) 10-mile team time trial.  The purpose of this time trial was to work together in order to complete the mileage in the best possible time while sharing the workload.  During the time trail, we had the opportunity to practice effective communication and learned more about each other’s riding capabilities.  Our team’s other co-owner, Jeff, offered coaching advice and motivation to every heat of riders.  And, one of our incredibly strong Category 1 riders, Cheryl, rode in almost every heat to ensure all were getting a good workout.  While the time trial heats were being ridden, the remaining 7 riders were spinning out their legs on other trainers so that we all logged at least three hours of solid riding time!  We finished the day with a well-deserved feast of salad and pizza from a local restaurant.

Not only was the indoor ride a terrific workout, it offered a chance for us to continue to get to know each other; this team is packed with women who are making positive impacts in our community on and off the bike.  Alli just completed and easily passed all of her finals for her first semester of Physical Assistant School and still finds time to ride her bike.  Serena, our kick-ass mountain biker, balances raising four young kiddos, working as a Physical Education teacher and riding her bike.  Katrine is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force, was just selected for the Secretary of Defense Fellowship and is Mom to three rescue doggies. Amanda is an experienced, labor and delivery Registered Nurse who is also raising two boys while still maintaining mad-skills status as a time-trailer.  And, Teresa, who has been an active racer and advocate for women’s cycling for many years, is so dedicated to this team that she spent her 6th wedding anniversary in her basement with her riders; and Jeff, her husband, was there with us too!  This is just a sampling of the women on this incredible team.   
Be sure to stay tuned to learn more about our cyclists and the amazing things we are doing on our bikes!  
As always we would like to THANK all our sponsors who support us throughout the off and on season.  We couldn't do what we love without them! 
<![CDATA[1st team training ride/day]]>Sun, 03 Dec 2017 13:42:01 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/1st-team-training-rideday
Written by Deborah Leedale-Brown
Winter can be lonely months for training, and so that is why each month, this dedicated team of women racers look to ride together.  Both for camaraderie and to get to know each other's riding styles and strengths in readiness for race season.  Last Sunday was our November ride date, the temps were certainly chilly and it was significantly windy but after our team owner Teresa checked her 10 weather apps (only joking she just checked 4) we all headed out for a 40 mile loop.  Only missing a couple of our team mates due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we had a nice size pace-line all sporting our new Vice Pink Bontrager helmets.  The group was a mix of all our category riders and the aim of the ride was to keep it together and work on some skill development with our newbies.  It was a a solid winter pace and everyone did their share of work based upon their skill level and fitness.  
A great end to the Thanksgiving weekend, to ride together, take some cool photo's on our new Trek Bikes and eat some fabulous home-made Lentil soup and pulled pork (made by Teresa's fair hands) after the ride.  
How lucky do I feel to be part of this amazing team!

<![CDATA[Race the Ridge]]>Thu, 09 Nov 2017 17:38:52 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/race-the-ridgePicture
Race: Race the Ridge
Date: November 4th 2017
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Rider:  Jessica Kutz and her partner in the race Michael
​Results: 1st place co-ed team

After racing the Buff Betty in September, I got in my head that I wanted to tackle a bigger adventure race. It’s a fun way to stay in shape for mountain bike season and a great outlet from work in the Fall. In my opinion, there is no better time to be outside. Something about the smell of leaves and cool temperatures warms my soul! I knew Race the Ridge, which was a 15 hour adventure race requiring elite level navigation, was not a race I could do alone (remember my team name for the Buff Betty race was “Directionally Challenged.”) Lucky for me I was able to talk my two adventure racing buddies, Michael and Barry, into racing. This adventure race was only mountain biking and trekking/running, which is helpful for me because I’m crap in the boat.  I watched the forecast all week leading up to the event and came to the conclusion it would rain a little bit in the afternoon, no big deal. Whelp, as per usual the weather man (or woman) threw me for a loop. Instead we got rain the majority of the day!

The race kicked off at 6am sharp (we were almost late for the start!). After a short prologue run we jumped on the bikes, riding trails at the Blue Ridge School via lights. The Blue Ridge School is a private all boys boarding school outside of Charlottesville, VA and they have an amazing trail network that they open up to the public (THANK YOU!) The temperature was reasonable and the weather at the time was dry. We rode a big climb to a trail called “Moonshine”. I was warned this trail may or may not be the best downhill on the east coast! The race was perfectly timed so that we were hitting the peak of the ridge at sunrise and riding the sweet, flowing trails of Moonshine by the first mornings light!

Michael's navigation was on point the whole race. We quickly hurried through the early check points, holding the lead for all teams. We had a grueling 8 mile climb to the highest privately owned peak in VA, Flattop mountain. On the way up the mountain we had a checkpoint in a winery….no wine though! The weather started going south while we were on a trekking section at the top of the mountain. The next thing I knew I had all my clothes on (including my rain shell) and I was struggling to stay warm. It was going to be a long day. The race seemed to chug along, lots of riding…little bits of trekking, all the while getting more and more cold (we were already soaked at this point).

Moral was lifted when we got to some special private mountain bike trails not generally open to the public. Thank you to the owners of Blue Ridge Cyclery for opening up the trails on their home properties for us to ride! Just after finishing these sweet trails, mother nature opened her soul and we were getting poured on. We made it to a check point at a cabin that had volunteers where our team gathered ourselves as the weather worsened. At this point in the race I was graced with a Honey Stinger Waffle, a sip o’ beer and a trash bag for added warmth! Those three items are probably the reason I was able to finish the race! After a foot trekking session, we were headed back to the Blue Ridge School. At this point we had been racing for 12 hours; I was cold and couldn’t feel my hands and I could feel myself emotionally losing it. I rode ahead of the guys on my team and had a few minutes to myself to generate some extra body heat while pedaling hard and to get myself together. I wasn’t going to freeze, I was just really cold…time to move faster.

When we got back to the school head lamps were on and we were out for the final trekking session. We struggled finding a few of these checkpoints. Probably a combination of it being 13 hours into the race, cold/dark and pouring rain. We were getting pummeled with rain and before I knew it we were concerned about not making it back by the 9pm cuff off. We quickly shuffled our way back to the finish with 10 minutes to spare.

This is the first time we’ve not cleared a course (acquiring all the checkpoints), but given the weather we were pretty pleased with our performance as a team. We snagged the overall win for the co-ed team division and were the 3rd place finishers out of everyone. Another adventure race in the books and some solid mental training! Thank you Adventure Addicts Racing for another great event!
<![CDATA[Brewery Cup Series Weekend]]>Mon, 06 Nov 2017 09:51:25 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/brewery-cup-series-weekendWowee Shaina Kravitz is a busy busy girl this time of the year!!  Shaina competed very successfully in TWO CycloCross races this weekend both of which were apart of the Brewery Cup CX Series!!  Check out Shaina's thougths below on her exciting weekend of racing!!

Race: Swashbuckler Cross PACX Series & Brewery Cup Series Race #1
Date: November 4th, 2017
Location: Manheim, PA 17545-8711
Rider:  Shaina Kravitz

Survived! Rolled in 2nd after leading most of the race. The course had varied terrain- pavement, grass, gravel, sand- and a lot of sneaky elevation. (And it’s through the Ren Faire!) My goal was to stay on the bike as much as possible to avoid stress on my leg. I was able to do that a majority of the race following messy first lap traffic. One of the last times over the barriers, I clipped a pedal after remounting and felt a twinge that never let up. I wasn’t able to match my friend and fellow rider’s power through the sand and let a gap open. Hitting a lapped rider and a small bobble in a rock sealed the deal and I fell 13 seconds off after over 50 minutes of racing. Think they miscalculated the laps. (Poor 3/4/5 ladies raced for an hour.) Not feeling as healed as I’d like to, but not disappointed with my first race back in a few weeks. Will play the next races by ear and listen to my body first.
Results:  2nd 

Race: STOUDTS CROSS PACX Series Race & The Brewery Cup Series Race #2
Date: 5 November, 2017
Location: Adamstown, PA 
Rider Shaina Kravitz

Another 2nd for the weekend and finally a proper muddy race! The rain overnight made the course perfectly wet and tacky, but not too slick. The course essentially runs up and down a hillside with some single track through surrounding woods with one set of barriers, stairs, two small logs and a rideable ledge. Despite the conditions, the course raced fast, even the off camber descents. Rode a clean race sitting in 2nd most of the time. No problems pedaling, but still having issues with transitions, off the bike, and will take the next few weeks day by day. If not racing, I will definitely be spectating, enjoying beer and cheering everyone on.(didn’t get my own pics, but grabbed some ig screenshot from friends)
Results: 2nd

<![CDATA[2018 Season Kick-off meeting]]>Sun, 29 Oct 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/2018-season-kick-off-meeting
2018 Road and Mountain Bike Team. Top Row L to R: Erin Healy, Alli McCabe, Sara Iepson, Beth Bonilla, Amanda Rinderer, Diane Elmore, Mckensie Walker, Jo Johnson, Cheryl Clark, Deborah Leedale-Brown, Shaina Kravitz Bottom Row L to R: Serena DeFelice, Katrine waterman, Sarah Hauze, Danielle Ferland, Andy Maher, Owners Teresa DiSessa and Jeff Johnson, Taylor Armstrong, Emily Underwood. (Not picture: Manger Bobbie Mach, Jessica Kutz, Meredith Ehn)

This is my first year as a rider on the Riptide-Cawes Team EPS/M3 p/b Brielle Cyclery, and the kick off meeting was incredible!  It is clear that Teresa and Jeff care a lot about each woman on the team.  They spent a lot of time organizing for a day packed with information.  The meeting was at Brielle Cyclery (best bike shop in the land if you haven't heard already!).  We were able to meet most of the women on the team, and were also introduced to some of our amazing sponsors, including Toni from EPS Corporation who has been with the team as a sponsor since the start in 2005, Mary Mease from Ocean Gate Yacht Basin as well as Dr. Majeski from Main Street Foot and ankle.

 Next up, we met with Castelli clothing representative Phil Penman, and were able to try on samples for our kits.  It will be difficult to choose which pieces to buy because there are so many incredible options, many of which are also worn by team Sky.  A sample design of our kits was also revealed - they are going to be so awesome!  
Phil Penman educating the riders on Castelli product.

Next up, Steve Hawkins from Powertap/CycleOps/Saris gave a presentation on pedals and power trainers available to us, and I'm glad he did - it can be hard to navigate all the pedals and power trainers available on the market.  It's good to know that the Powertap products are what DC Rainmaker compares other new products to, so the standard is obviously set.
Steve Hawkins has been supporting the Team since 2010.

Team group pictures was next up on the schedule. We are a great looking group! No we didn't plan the black Tee shirt and jeans, we are all just that connected.  hehe

Right before lunch which was provided by Teresa's family place Bruno's in Neptune City we received our helmets, sunglasses and any other products we had ordered.  This was pretty exciting - it felt a little like Christmas. Then (almost) all of the amazing bikes that had been ordered from Trek by teammates were revealed.  Talk about some serious bikes.  Teresa also received a new bike, which was a complete surprise to her, and it is a beauty!

After all this excitement, it was down to business talking about contracts (read it, follow it!), team ride dates, and racing for next season.
It was a lot of information to take in all in one day, but, fortunately all the documents and links are available to us online.  
I am grateful to be a part of this amazing team with incredible sponsors and team owners that make it all happen!
Thank you again to Brielle Cyclery and their crew for hosting us, building all the team bikes in time for our meeting, and for treating us like family.  We are truly lucky to have such an amazing shop who supports women cycling. Thank you, James Erb for all you do to make sure our team is on the best equipment possible.
Thank you to our sponsors. We couldn't be where we are or go as far as we do without the awesome support from all our sponsors and their commitment to women's cycling.
Thank you for believing in us and providing the resources to do what we love!
Thank you to Toni Musorrafiti from EPS Corporation and "Moose", Meg Moore "Goat", Greg Wright from John B Wright Insurance,  Mary Mease from Ocean gate Yacht Basin, Dr. Majeski from Main Street Foot and ankle, Bruce Robinson from Miles Ahead Sports,  Dr Dana Fallon from Dana Fallon Studio For Cosmetic Dentistry, and Sara Iepson "Flying Pig"!!

<![CDATA[6th Annual Cooper River CX]]>Wed, 18 Oct 2017 12:10:36 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/6th-annual-cooper-river-cxTwo different riders with two very different experiences at the same race!!!  Check out what Shaina Kravitz and Amanda Rinderer thought about the 6th Annual Cooper River CX race last weekend!!  
Shaina Kravitz's reacap of the day!!! 
​"4th today. I wasn’t aggressive enough at the start and had to work too much to drop the group of four I got stuck in. We got gapped off the front group by lap 2. It’s a power course, wide turns with a lot of flow, so lots of pedaling. It was drizzly early in the day, so it was finally tacky, not dusty and dry. Felt good, could have put more power down, but wanted to stay upright and keep from cramping again. It’s still too hot for cross!"
2018 teammate Amanda Rinderer's thoughts on the day...
To finish off 2017 I got my butt handed to me at Cooper River. Low power, low stamina = 16th out of 24. I was tired and sloppy on the few obstacles they had and not enough power on the straight a-ways to pass other riders after the second lap. I was also anxious at the start and took time to settle in. Still, it was a good time. And I didn’t fall or face plant! Looking forward to being strong again!
<![CDATA[Cross is boss... 4 races 4 podiums]]>Fri, 13 Oct 2017 11:20:43 GMThttp://riptidecycling.com/team-news/cross-is-boss-4-races-4-podiums
Sep 23 
Town Hall Cross
Bethlehem, PA
Results: Shaina Kravitz - 1st
Town Hall Cross kicked off the 2017-18 PACX series and my first race of the season.  Conditions were hot and dry, and the notorious St. Luke's Staircase was back in all its blazing glory. The course winds its way through the woods and up a hillside before sending you flying back down and through multiple series of turns, single set of barriers and fast gravel and grass straightaways.  I lined up with about a dozen fast ladies ready to start the local season.  I took the hole-shot and never looked back.  I opened a gap early and rode a conservative, clean race, trying to save as much energy as much as possible in the heat.  I rode in for the win after thinking I had one more lap to go, which was a double win!  Hats off to organizers and racers who suffered in the sun for a great early season race day.

Sep 24
Bridgeton Cross 
Bridgeton, NJ
Results: Shaina Kravitz - 3rd
​Bridgeton Cross is back!  As the first race of the NJCX series, this favorite was missing for a few years and recently returned.  The course is extremely varied with lots of sandy, loamy turns, short kicker climbs, barriers, rideable log, beach run and this year featured a super steep, loose run up that had me grabbing onto the fencing each time. (Thankfully, the amphitheater weren't included in the course.  The bane of short racers!)  I didn't realize how much the previous day's race had taken out of me, because I had a slow start.  I was sitting 6th wheel as the course shot up a short road climb with a sharp left into sandy double track.  The run up was early in the lap and the group started to split at that point.  I'd made up a few spots at that point, but lost them immediately when I couldn't easily engage my pedals (switched pedal system this year and not too sure about it yet).   I gained one spot back before the first time through beach run.  The next came after the barriers, and the final spot on a rocky climb by the third lap.  I was focused on putting down as much power when possible and keep it controlled through turn after turn in the sand. I finished 3rd with no one around me.  I was zapped again by the heat, especially drained from two nearly 90 degree race days.  Here's to hoping we get more cross-like weather soon!

Sep 30
Lambertville, NJ
Results: Shaina Kravitz - 3rd
HippoCross was stop #2 on the NJCX schedule.  The course was run in the opposite direction as the previous year, but most features remained the same.  It was still a power course with lots of long, bumpy straights, a nice mid-course climb and a few false flat sections that really drained you legs.  There was a set of barriers, but also a new flyover, stairs-to-ramp style, that everyone approached differently.  Remount at the top, or run down and remount at the base?  It would all come down to a race time decision. I lined up with the largest field yet, due in part to the super supportive promoters and sponsors who offered equal payout to the for the men's and women's elite fields.  The day was much cooler with windy conditions and drizzle on the start line.  I was too conservative due to the rain and a hard right turn through gravel, putting myself in a tough spot early.  I found myself shouldering through the first few turns, latching onto the back of the front group.  I burned a few matches in the process and had trouble settling in.  It took a lap before I was able to start making passes as the riders in front of me began to fade.  I made a big pass of three riders at the barriers.  The rest of the race was a struggle.  Constant bobbling, overcooking turns, difficultly navigating lapped rider traffic had me trapped, unable to make any gains.  I rode in for 3rd, with the next riders pretty close behind.  The beauty of racing is that there is always another race, another opportunity to try it again.  (And I ran the flyover each time to save my poor seat rails!)

Oct 7
Caffeinated Cross
Mullica Hill, NJ
Results: Shaina Kravitz - 2nd
Caffeinated Cross is one of my favorite races on the NJCX calendar.  It is a course that requires good handling skills (very mountain bike-y) with rideable steps, ride/run-up, logs and sand.  It was another hot, dry day and my legs were not happy.  I made an early foot-down mistake and lost my front position, letting the now lead rider get away. With too much of a warm-up and lots of dusty, loose single track, I started getting calf cramps by the second lap.  I kept botching every feature and had a trouble turning the pedals.  I was battling with another rider for two laps and was getting frustrated by my mistakes.   Rather than admit defeat, I tried to stay patient and, importantly,  to have fun, taking as many dollar bills (and a few hand-ups) as possible.  I finished 2nd, and a few bucks richer!